#laterpost – City Streets

#laterpost – City Streets

I had a personal blog long before I officially started this one here on Stranger and Fiction. I have just recovered them all, so thought it would be worth it to reblog some of my favourites. If you’ve seen them before, it’ll be a chance to enjoy them again, and if you are new to following me, then it’ll be a nice new post.

So, without further ado, enjoy my first #laterpost, complete with old watermarks and photo combinations.

holding white space

holding white space

Well, the rain has stopped and the blue skies are out. Perfect street photography weather. On Sunday, David from The Brisbane Catalogue messaged me and said that he and a few friends were going to head out and wander the streets – cameras included of course.

It was so great just wandering around. I found myself in parts of the city that I’ve never ventured to before, even though they were only a block or so away from the main streets.

It also gave me a chance to start playing with digital B+W, which I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Here are some of my results from our roam. I am really happy with the results.

holding white space



D2X_0502 copy


D2X_0529 copy


D2X_0615 copy 3

holding white space

I think the last shot is my favourite from the day.

I had a heap of fun and can’t wait to go out again. I took four cameras with me, but only ended up using two of them. Next time I will pack lighter, that way I will force myself to use the two I take with me. I wish I shot more with my Pentax ME film SLR, although not less with my Nikon D2x DSLR. I just know that I missed shots like this on the SLR by taking them with my digital. I had my Pentax ME loaded with faux B+W [it is developed with C41 processing, so a colour process] and would have liked to have seen what some of these turned out like with the film.

Oh well, next time.


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