The Life Aquatic – Pt II

The Life Aquatic – Pt II

It’s been over a week now since I’ve been back in B, and I am once again torn between the city and the trees.

To help me reminisce, I thought I’d post some more photos from my morning spent back home.




After we paddled to our rest spot, the clouds changed and the sky turned a magnificent gold.




The water rippled in the wind as we floated and watched all around us.




The bright blue morning continued to become gilded in metallic shades of gold and bronze, and it felt like it was a rising of a second sun.





The walk home to anywhere is not normally something to look forward to, but our walk home from the river passes through the hidden back streets, over run with herbs and creeping vines and the beautiful sprawling gardens secretly held tight to bursting point in the yards of the people in the village.







Look at that purple.




As we walked, the sky changed again. The clouds were swept down with the chilling wind, and the deep steel blue of a coming storm grew in darkness and depth.





By the time we finished our wander home, the sky looked like this.






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Crashing Tides.

Crashing Tides.

I’m shooting down around the Gold Coast today, so thought it would be a good time to throw up some shots I took last time I was down that way.

It was a beautifully stormy day – perfect beach weather in my eyes – and there was just something about the city skyline in the distance, the foamy white crashing against the rocks, and the guys committed to taming their wave.






It was a great excuse to play with one of my longer lenses, and it felt great snapping shots of blue while my toes where buried in the cold, pale sand.


D2X_0334  D2X_0336


How choppy is that little patch of sea. Can you see the shadows that look like two dogs jumping about in the waves?



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The Life Aquatic – Pt I

The Life Aquatic – Pt I

Weekend adventures are the best.

When I travel back to NSW for work, I make sure I spend time enjoying the beautiful region of the Clarence Valley with my family and friends.

This weekend back home was spent out on the mighty river.




We trekked out nice and early, passing houses full of people waking in their beds.




The boat ramp was swarming with little fishies, dancing above the water to get a break from the thick muddy waters below.






We headed North, passing ducks and reed beds scattered along the edges.




Because I don’t have a death wish, I didn’t operate any of my cameras whilst actually paddling or not somehow moored in the river. We timed it right in the middle of the tide going out, so I managed to beach myself juuuust enough on the little sandbank we visit to be able to take some shots mid-river.




As the morning stretched in to the day, the sky and the sun completely changed. The colours of the clouds foretold the growing storm in the distance, throwing up pinks and orange hues as bright as the earlier sunrise.




Because of the current muddy composition of the river, fish were constantly jumping in and out around us.




Our phones stayed snug in their waterproof pouches, and we documented as we paddled.




Look at that colouring. Amazing.


Did you get out and explore on the weekend?

More photos to come.



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