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While I was down in Sydney, I spent some time following around my friend Rebekkah Hatfield. I went through high school with Bek, and was so excited and proud when I found out that she is the current Indigenous Student Officer on the SRC of UNSW – aka Student Representative Council of the University of New South Wales [in Sydney].

Bek has a large amount to do with Nura Gili – a brilliant organisation, based on campus. Nura Gili is the University of New South Wales’ centre for Indigenous Programs. It provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students while at university as well as offering Indigenous Studies classes.

As it was the week before O Week, there were lots of events and meetings that Bek attended during my stay, and I am so thankful for the warm welcome I was given whilst I trailed around after her.

I snapped quite a few photos as I wandered around, and am stoked to have contributed the current Nura Gili News front page shot.




The big reason I stalked Bek around UNSW was to take photos and gather information about her and what she is doing within both her University life, and the Indigenous community on and around campus.





Stranger and Fiction is currently working on the first issue of a monthly zine; A mashed collaboration styled somewhere between art journal and documentative essay. I am excited to be working on a piece about Bek and her driving passions.

Stay posted.



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big news.

big news.

Can you guess?

The Stranger and Fiction Studio has a new Resident !

A big welcome to The Salt Mill, and their Jewellery range that is oh-so ridiculously good looking.

I will be doing a proper bio post about Kasulta and everything she is about, but for now I wanted to show off my new pair of wooden studs.




Salts works with different woods and plastic to create rad earrings, necklaces and bracelets.




Some pieces are given a special colour treatment, designed to be one-of-a-kind like the two swatches bellow.




Are you excited?

You should be.



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Paranoid Android – Sydney Edition

Paranoid Android – Sydney Edition

The last 4 days have been pretty intense.

I’ve citied, beached, galleried, shopped, drank, trekked, ran, watched, eaten, met, shot, coffeed and worked my way all over Sydney.

Now my bag is packed and I’m about to hitch a lift to the airport, so I leave you with some android shots that I’ve taken on my travels.









Speak soon when I’m back up North.

P.S That’s me on the stairs of the MCA leading up to the War Is Over exhibition. I took John with me 😉



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