Sometimes it’s the misguided adventures that turn out better than the polished and the planned.

A band practice and a catch up went head to head, and morphed in to a beer tasting, pizza eating session around West End.





I love finding new places, and I couldn’t believe I’d never stumbled upon this one before. Bosc. is just a few blocks from the SAF studio, and is practically next door to The End bar. I guess I’ve just never walked those extra few steps.




I’m pretty fond of beer, and love the craft movement that Brisbane is wholeheartedly carrying along on the shoulders of essentially every ‘indie’ establishment / bar.

I tried a pretty amazing limited edition Christmas concoction, strong enough to strip your floors and made up of a palate of rum and spice. Amazing and crazy all at the same time. I settled on a Murray’s Moon Boy Golden Ale and was very happy with my choice.





After some banter at the bar we wandered down to a street pizza and kebab place for a family size flavour explosion of pizzaness. We all settled on a very Italian veggie option [thanks guys!] and enjoyed the cool breeze and street vibes.


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Sunset Countdown

Sunset Countdown

Last Friday night was hands down my best tgif ever.

I’m still down in my hometown for workshops and work, so was invited to come along and have tapas and drinks overlooking the beautiful Clarence River in NSW with some friends and colleagues from home.




The amazing Zoe Elliot performed some ridiculously good music for us while we chatted and drank, munching and laughing.


The sangria was cold, the red was award winning [official 2014 Max Crus trophy winner was definitely enjoyed cheekily on the eve of the announcement day], and the tapas were toasty as the summer sun slowly set.




Amongst the gathering at our table were local Journalists, a well known and established artist, a Web Designer come restaurant owner, and two photographers [one of course being me].





Zoe’s voice was just brilliant, and we all freaked out a little over her choices when she played a few of covers. It was a great ease in to the evening with her acoustic solo set turning slightly more upbeat with her band accompanying her for the rest.

I was really too busy enjoying myself to take many photos, but I did manage to snap a few between bevies and bites.




A special site to the traveling band, and a somewhat comforting repetition for the rest filled the sky as the final colours of the night dyed a vibrant backdrop for the hundreds of bats taking traveling flight over the Clarence Valley.




Due to the whole beer, champagne, red wine, red wine, sangria, red wine, red wine, red wine, water, red wine, red wine, whiskey thing that went down the night before, sleeping somewhere that involved walking rather than driving was an excellent [and only] choice.

A major upside to this plan was the ability to party on in the AM and enjoy breakfast out. We headed back to Limonata at Number One Duke St in need of a serious morning pick me up.

My choice – freshly squeezed OJ, a small double shot soy latte and fluffy Canadian pancakes, minus the bacon.




I always have my pancakes with a sweet syrup and a salty side. Hash browns are the best fit in my opinion, but egg cuts in for a close second, unless there is an option to have both haha !

You can find info on Zoe Elliot’s upcoming gigs on her Facebook page here, and if you’re ever in the Clarence Valley make sure you check out what’s happening and everything there is to see.


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Summer Mountain Hike – Pt II

Summer Mountain Hike – Pt II

How rad are GIFs. Seriously.

Every trip I take now, I try and walk away with at least one gifable image set. The style I’m really loving, as you’ll see below, is messing with the focus between extreme foreground and background. Unlike most gifs on places like Tumblr, I love that the purpose of these aren’t to store and recreate an animated sequence in image format, but to just, be.

On my trip up to the Mountains last week I managed to walk away with four gifsets. Enjoy your internet being slow as you load and watch them below!




I think the effect really gives you a 3D view. Our eyes have their own depth of field, and slide in and out of focal fields depending on where we tell them to look, so it makes sense that tricking a what-would-be still image like this causes our eyes to slide in a way that mimics looking around in real life. How rad is that?!




It was such a great walk down the mountain. The view halfway along was really something else. But I’d go so far as to say not as impressive as Aki’s cat 5 panel. Pure genius.




Not all of the gifsets I shot that day were my tricky 3D shots. A guy caught the attention of the whole watering hole when he attempted to ignore the cliff dive and jump out of a not-really-overhanging-at-all tree. He managed to do it, albeit clumsily, but the sun was so bright and the contrast so extreme that my landing shot was irretrievable. I do love the final shot in this sequence though.




What do you think? Do you dig the gif as much as I do? Or am I getting a little carried away haha?



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