Easter Road Trip – Pt III

Easter Road Trip – Pt III

Well, it was this time last year that I spend my Easter weekend in deep inland NSW, where the weather was beautifully icy and the township was carved from the same small country town tree.

I went along on the road trip to document everything I could see.





On a trip in to town we met a handsome scruffy-dog waiting on a bench in the street.





Back at base camp, chatter and laughing and music flowed freely.





Quick Selfie.




Time magazine. What a cliche.




I hope you had a great Easter break.



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New SAF Product Range

New SAF Product Range

It’s happening!

Stranger and Fiction products will soon be available to purchase online, as well as instore at the Stranger and Fiction Studio in West End, Brisbane Aus.




The new range of Stranger and Fiction cushions, tote bags, postcards, prints, phone cases, greeting cards, and more are arriving fresh from the printers and straight to the Stranger and Fiction Studio.




All products feature Stranger and Fiction images, including both film and digital shots.




All items are printed one at a time, ensuring quality, and creating an almost one of a kind item just for you.




Postcards and Greeting Cards are all printed to my special standard – ensuring that once you receive a SAF card, you have the ability to frame and keep it forever.





Some cards even feature a wrap around print, turning the whole card in to a frameable print.





I’m so excited to be finally making these products available to you, but am also satisfied that the wait meant spending time ensuring print and product quality.

Do you have a print or a product you’d like to see a SAF image on?


Stay tuned for more product updates and images!



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Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

The nights are getting shorter, the temperature is slowly but surely dropping, and I am getting excited.

Winter is coming.

And with it, my resolution to go camping as many times as possible amidst the falling leaves and crisp nights.




I love getting inspired, and pictures are something that I love getting excited over before heading out on an adventure or trip. In the spirit of this, I’ve put together a quick assortment of some of my pictures that get me excited for the coming months.




I’ve camped and explored a lot of the NSW countryside, but this year will give me a chance to explore the hidden QLD spots in the surrounds of the City, or even farther north if I can find enough time.




Mountains are the best.




I love the changing colours in the leaves and the sky and the ground.




Hunting fungi is an excellent activity to make you take time to stop and enjoy the little things you so easily miss and walk by.





I am so excited for campfire cooking. The hot smell of wood and the sizzle and clang of pots.


SAF - scan 11


One of the first things I want to do is upgrade my tent. I want an easy, light, two person tent – but most importantly I want it to actually fit back in to the bag it came in. Too much to ask? Yeah, I thought so.




I would love to visit this little place again, with its pastel blue stream and luscious grasslands.




Are you excited for the changing weather? Do you have any good spots that I should go and explore? Or maybe you plan to head outside more this year too?



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