New Product Range

New Product Range

They’re here.

The first line of Stranger and Fiction products have landed at SAF HQ, and are biding their time before the official launch of the new Online Collective that they will be calling home.

With many more SAF products in the works, as well as collaboration pieces, I could not be happier with the quality and aesthetics of these first few.


Tote Bags.

These guys are available in three sizes, and are perfect for carrying your new find at the vinyl stall at your local weekend market. Strong enough for your butter and bread shopping, and bright enough for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park.






Phone Cases.

I searched for a long time before I found somewhere that created an optimum quality case, as well as producing exceptional print quality. Available to order in any print, in all iPhone and [the most important] Android styles.







Throw Cushions.

I absolutely love these. The texture of the cushions fabric looks a-mazing behind the vivid imagery from SAF, and look ridiculously good anywhere in your house. You really need to see these in person to get the full affect. Hey, you can do that – the Stranger and Fiction Studio in West End is filled with coffee, cameras, and now cushions.












What makes that fresh shot taste even fresher? A rad Stranger and Fiction printed mug, that’s what.




Post Cards.

The new Stranger and Fiction postcards are another product that I spent a good amount of time researching. I wanted something that was the quality of an above average art print, with the added fun of sending it through the post as is. When your lucky friend receives their postcard, they have something that is of framing quality, but with the ease of tacking it to the wall if they so choose.

These guys are available in about 30 designs, and you’ll be able to grab them individually or in packs.


postcards blog size




Greeting Cards.

I featured these guys a few posts back. Art print quality, in the form of a greeting card. Perfect.



Do you like Pt I in the new Stranger and Fiction product range?

There are high quality art prints, photographic prints, stickers and more to come.

The final shoots and input of product to the new online collective is still underway, and I am so keen for the launch it hurts a little. Get excited for more local products, more local artists, more ethical and sustainable stuff and just really cool stuff.



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mornings at my city home.

mornings at my city home.

Mornings are a funny time. They can be fast, slow, lazy, preparatory. They can sooth us with their repetition, or make us ever more aware of the circle in which we exist.


For me, mornings are about 3 things.

1. Get up. If your room and your blankets are as comfy as mine, you’ll understand just how hard that can be.




2. Eat. Boring as, Scotch style porridge has got to be the only repetition in breakfast foods that I have ever been able to manage [except for point 3 below]. I love the stuff. That being said, some days when I’ve been back to my storm country home and visited my chickens, eggs of any and all stylings are a delicious way to wake up my mind.




My housemate Jason has the most beautiful tea jars along our front bench window.




3. Coffee. Now, ideally, this would be point number one, but until I install that gas burner by the side of my bed it ain’t going to happen.

Really this should be point two, but here’s the kicker – I build my coffee foundation around what I am going to eat.

What works best with my intended breakfast foodstuff? An espresso, or maybe a latte pulled from my machine? Maybe my moka pot is what I’m feeling like today. Sometimes I even be tricky and slow filter straight in to my cup. Or maybe, like this morning, a simple and strong turkish coffee is what I have in mind.




As I was assembling my spices and coffee in to my cezve, my housemate Jason brought out a fresh loaf a fruit bread for me to share. Cooked just a little over a block away from our house, it went perfectly with my spicy brew and some melted butter.




As I prepare my eats and my poison, the traveling notes of Jason’s piano flow up the hall and in to the kitchen and lounge.





What’s your morning routine?



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New SAF Product Range

New SAF Product Range

It’s happening!

Stranger and Fiction products will soon be available to purchase online, as well as instore at the Stranger and Fiction Studio in West End, Brisbane Aus.




The new range of Stranger and Fiction cushions, tote bags, postcards, prints, phone cases, greeting cards, and more are arriving fresh from the printers and straight to the Stranger and Fiction Studio.




All products feature Stranger and Fiction images, including both film and digital shots.




All items are printed one at a time, ensuring quality, and creating an almost one of a kind item just for you.




Postcards and Greeting Cards are all printed to my special standard – ensuring that once you receive a SAF card, you have the ability to frame and keep it forever.





Some cards even feature a wrap around print, turning the whole card in to a frameable print.





I’m so excited to be finally making these products available to you, but am also satisfied that the wait meant spending time ensuring print and product quality.

Do you have a print or a product you’d like to see a SAF image on?


Stay tuned for more product updates and images!



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