forest forage.

forest forage.

It’s time for another image heavy, word light post.

My moving house has managed to coincide with the long weekend, which meant a lot of nothing got done for a lot of days. While I rush around filling and stacking boxes, enjoy a trip in to the Brisbane forests around Mt Coot-tha!




Pentax + 50mm lens + 35mm film = love.





I love the different textures of mushrooms and their surroundings.




There is a honest kind of architecture in the layout of the bush, forest and woods that is really quite remarkable.





I enjoyed this little break to finish this post, and I hope you enjoyed your little break reading it.

Now back to the boxes.



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Sometimes it’s the misguided adventures that turn out better than the polished and the planned.

A band practice and a catch up went head to head, and morphed in to a beer tasting, pizza eating session around West End.





I love finding new places, and I couldn’t believe I’d never stumbled upon this one before. Bosc. is just a few blocks from the SAF studio, and is practically next door to The End bar. I guess I’ve just never walked those extra few steps.




I’m pretty fond of beer, and love the craft movement that Brisbane is wholeheartedly carrying along on the shoulders of essentially every ‘indie’ establishment / bar.

I tried a pretty amazing limited edition Christmas concoction, strong enough to strip your floors and made up of a palate of rum and spice. Amazing and crazy all at the same time. I settled on a Murray’s Moon Boy Golden Ale and was very happy with my choice.





After some banter at the bar we wandered down to a street pizza and kebab place for a family size flavour explosion of pizzaness. We all settled on a very Italian veggie option [thanks guys!] and enjoyed the cool breeze and street vibes.


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