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While I was down in Sydney, I spent some time following around my friend Rebekkah Hatfield. I went through high school with Bek, and was so excited and proud when I found out that she is the current Indigenous Student Officer on the SRC of UNSW – aka Student Representative Council of the University of New South Wales [in Sydney].

Bek has a large amount to do with Nura Gili – a brilliant organisation, based on campus. Nura Gili is the University of New South Wales’ centre for Indigenous Programs. It provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students while at university as well as offering Indigenous Studies classes.

As it was the week before O Week, there were lots of events and meetings that Bek attended during my stay, and I am so thankful for the warm welcome I was given whilst I trailed around after her.

I snapped quite a few photos as I wandered around, and am stoked to have contributed the current Nura Gili News front page shot.




The big reason I stalked Bek around UNSW was to take photos and gather information about her and what she is doing within both her University life, and the Indigenous community on and around campus.





Stranger and Fiction is currently working on the first issue of a monthly zine; A mashed collaboration styled somewhere between art journal and documentative essay. I am excited to be working on a piece about Bek and her driving passions.

Stay posted.



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The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria

Just a short drive from the hassle and bustle of the Sydney International Airport is The Grounds of Alexandria – a stylized eclectic mix of gardens, aged structures and gourmet delicacies.





The gardens are quite massive, and create an enticing juxtaposition of man made structures and natural flora.







Inside the Cafe, the urban elements of the warehouse-like structure take control, and you find yourself surrounded by the sights and smells of the fresh pastries and bread.






Your eyes and your taste buds are instantly drawn to the bright pops of coloured tarts, cakes and sweet delicacies.




Now we all know what really counts – and that’s good coffee. My poison takes the form of a short, double shot soy latte, I find that with so many elements involved it can be quite easy to miss the mark. Temperature, taste and texture are my three main testing points, and I was more than satisfied with the offering from The Grounds.






There was definitely city vibes inside The Grounds Cafe, but not at all in a negative way. You felt like you were just a step away from the hustle and bustle – an excellent place to talk excitedly about future plans and adventures in your day.







Amongst the sprawling gardens you will find not only the Cafe and Bakehouse, but also the Research Facility – the on-site coffee roasting, research and testing facility. There are so many elements that make up The Grounds, and it is truly an adventure to wander and sight them all.







x   where – The Grounds of Alexandria, Building 7A, NO.2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 2015

x   who –

x   what – Cafe, Bakery, Coffee Roasters, Outside Dining, Show Gardens, Markets, Events.

x   coffee – Almost like seasonal eating, the coffee at The Grounds changes frequently, depending on what is currently being roasted on site.



I hope you enjoyed my first major cafe review, as I am excited to continue sharing them. You might even see me – coffee in one hand, camera in the other – anywhere around Brisbane, Sydney and the NSW Clarence Valley.


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