The Life Aquatic – Pt I

The Life Aquatic – Pt I

Weekend adventures are the best.

When I travel back to NSW for work, I make sure I spend time enjoying the beautiful region of the Clarence Valley with my family and friends.

This weekend back home was spent out on the mighty river.




We trekked out nice and early, passing houses full of people waking in their beds.




The boat ramp was swarming with little fishies, dancing above the water to get a break from the thick muddy waters below.






We headed North, passing ducks and reed beds scattered along the edges.




Because I don’t have a death wish, I didn’t operate any of my cameras whilst actually paddling or not somehow moored in the river. We timed it right in the middle of the tide going out, so I managed to beach myself juuuust enough on the little sandbank we visit to be able to take some shots mid-river.




As the morning stretched in to the day, the sky and the sun completely changed. The colours of the clouds foretold the growing storm in the distance, throwing up pinks and orange hues as bright as the earlier sunrise.




Because of the current muddy composition of the river, fish were constantly jumping in and out around us.




Our phones stayed snug in their waterproof pouches, and we documented as we paddled.




Look at that colouring. Amazing.


Did you get out and explore on the weekend?

More photos to come.



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