Paranoid Android – Magic Scotch

Paranoid Android – Magic Scotch

The Journey of @wiljedgar and the magic Scotch.

Given as a Wedding gift to his parents over 40 years ago, the 12 year old Scotch has sat, pondered and aged – until last night.

I was lucky enough to be there to not only document Mr Edgar photographically, but also taste the wild elixir and experience some of its magic for myself.

With a chocolate start melting in to peat to fin, there was no doubt as to the some 52 years that it had matured.

@wiljedgar transcended to another plane that night, and we hope to see him again sometime, but we wish him well in his journey and enlightenment from the magic Scotch.





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  1. rachhatfield · January 5, 2015

    Some great shots here (y)

    (Yes, the pun was intended)


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