Summer Mountain Hike – Pt II

Summer Mountain Hike – Pt II

How rad are GIFs. Seriously.

Every trip I take now, I try and walk away with at least one gifable image set. The style I’m really loving, as you’ll see below, is messing with the focus between extreme foreground and background. Unlike most gifs on places like Tumblr, I love that the purpose of these aren’t to store and recreate an animated sequence in image format, but to just, be.

On my trip up to the Mountains last week I managed to walk away with four gifsets. Enjoy your internet being slow as you load and watch them below!




I think the effect really gives you a 3D view. Our eyes have their own depth of field, and slide in and out of focal fields depending on where we tell them to look, so it makes sense that tricking a what-would-be still image like this causes our eyes to slide in a way that mimics looking around in real life. How rad is that?!




It was such a great walk down the mountain. The view halfway along was really something else. But I’d go so far as to say not as impressive as Aki’s cat 5 panel. Pure genius.




Not all of the gifsets I shot that day were my tricky 3D shots. A guy caught the attention of the whole watering hole when he attempted to ignore the cliff dive and jump out of a not-really-overhanging-at-all tree. He managed to do it, albeit clumsily, but the sun was so bright and the contrast so extreme that my landing shot was irretrievable. I do love the final shot in this sequence though.




What do you think? Do you dig the gif as much as I do? Or am I getting a little carried away haha?



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