DIY Holiday Wreath

DIY Holiday Wreath


Where has the year gone?! In saying that, the last few week and months have had some pretty slow patches that have all faded in to one nice blur. There’s so much that has changed and so much that is changing still, but that story is for another time. For now, let’s be excited about the holidays!

One of the big changes that I have made is moving interstate [again], so in my first Christmas in my new house I wanted to spend some time making some useful, beautiful decorations with my hands.

First, I went exploring.





Olive. What a perfect, bendy branched tree to be the main structure of my wreath.






Rosemary. Perfect not only for the warm, savory scent, but also for the change in texture.





Bay. A fantastic excuse to dry out some leaves, as well as bulk out the wreath.




I trimmed my pieces in to manageable sizes, with one larger branch for the circle. Using twine, I knotted my two circle branch ends together, making sure they overlapped enough to create a fluid shape. Once the wreath base felt secure enough to start, I took my pieces one by one and added them to my winding twine.




VoilĂ !

I know I didn’t take any photos mid build, but really it’s up to you how you go about it, and as long as you keep twisting the twine in the direction you started everything will turn out fine!





Look at the brilliant differences in colour and texture. I was careful to keep the twine to the branches as much as possible so as to keep all the leaves free.







My new house smells so delicious with my new wreath, cookie scented candles and fresh summer air.

I’ll be blogging a few more times before Christmas, and then I’ll finally be back blogging regularly in the New Year!


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This Sat, you will find me and some fellow Bris creatives doing the music and the art showings at the New Globe Theatre in Fortitude Valley.

Below are the deets from the FB event page.




When: Saturday August 9, Doors at 3pm.
Where: New Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick Street

Pre-sale: $10 +bf // Door $15


Prepare yourself for an unmissable cross cultural experience. The best of Brisbane’s emerging Live music, Visual Art and Film Making creatives are getting together for a massive collaborative exhibition at the New Globe Theatre.

Main Stage:
Youth Allowance
The Worriers
Boss Moxi
Palace Of The King
Modern Strangers
The Bassethounds

Theatre Stage:
Big Bad Echo
lsd ratkings

The Morsey DJs
DeeJay Slenda

Visual Art
Daniel vincent street Art
Jake Stewart
Seb Rumore
Jason Lance David Lamb
Diane De Cruz
Madeline Holt
Luke Philips

Henry Harbeck
Stranger and Fiction Photography
Projection Art:
Marisa Georgiou

City Bound Skate Film Launch
Presented by Woodfolk

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Ori Kami Collective

Ori Kami Collective

It’s almost here.

As you may know if you follow Stranger and Fiction on Facebook, SAF has been heavily involved in the dreaming and creation of a brand new Online Collective, featuring the works of amazingly creative people and their small businesses or art forms. Growing steadily since conception, the store is now in its final stages of testing, and with this milestone I thought that I should finally share some of the extremely exciting Stranger and Fiction products I have been working on for a very, very long time.

So, without further ado -


SAF Phone Cases

iPhone and S Galaxy cases featuring the work of Stranger and Fiction. These cases are individually printed through a special process, resulting in zero fading, peeling or self destruction of any kind. The colours are really true, with a nice sharpness to really make your case a traveling art piece.





SAF Tote Bags.

These tote bags are probably my favourite way of displaying my images. The colours are intense, the fabric is soft yet strong and durable, and they are big enough to fit your record score from the Sat markets in snuggly and safe.





SAF Throw Cushions

Printed on a similar soft but durable fabric, the SAF Throw Cushions make any lounge or bed look rad. They make for an awesome feature or statement in a room, but can also help create that cool eclectic vibe too.





The zip is nice and hidden to really keep all eyes on the double sided SAF print.





SAF Greeting Cards.

Featuring high quality satin gloss prints on 300gsm card, these are perfect to grab as a one off for someone’s special day, or in a pack so you’ve always got something on hand.





SAF Art Print Postcards.

Why are these Art Print Postcards and not just Postcards? Because I searched and tested many, many printers before I found exactly what I was looking for – a simple, usable postcard that was as close to art print quality as possible.

Flip em, write em, send em, frame em.


postcards blog size


I hope you liked the quick little teaser I’ve put together today. There are plenty of different SAF images to choose from over the new product range, with more items already in the works that should be landing some time next month.

For the next few days leading up to launch, I’m going to be showing you more sneak peaks of the other brands already on board.

Get keen.



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